best skyrim apps for android

Best Skyrim Apps For Android

The open-ended world of Skyrim is vast — there’s so much to see, and so much to do. In fact, I don’t think there’s ever been a game with so many in-game options and places to explore.  Choice is good, but with a world so massive it’s easy to get a little lost…

If you’re  looking for ways to improve your Skyrim experience, you should definitely become a regular reader of our Skyrim Fansite blog (hint hint). We strive to publish entertaining and helpful articles for Skyrim and Elder Scrolls enthusiasts just like you. Also, you should download a few choice Skyrim apps for your Android phone or tablet. Having a trusty Nexus or Samsung Galaxy on hand while gaming can be extremely beneficial, and a good app will help you get the most out of Skyrim. Curious? Read on as I present the best Skyrim apps for Android.

Skyrim Map

best skyrim apps for android mapsSkyrim Map by Leonardo Gandini is available for free on Google Play. There are a few map apps out there for Android, but I like Skyrim Map the best. Not only is the price right (you can’t beat free), but the app is intuitive and looks great with bright, colorful icons superimposed over the classic parchment-style map of Skyrim we all know and love. For $1.30, A Skyrim Map HD version is available for Android tablets.

One of the things that sets Skyrim Map above other Android apps is the inclusion of remote locations around the province of Skyrim from the Elder Scrolls saga (a definite plus for Elder Scrolls freaks like me). The app developer is also active in releasing updates and keeping Skyrim Map current. On the downside though, you have to be connected to the internet in order to use the app (no offline mode). Most gamers have access to a wifi home network, so this shouldn’t be a problem in most instances.

Skyrim Alchemy

best skyrim apps for android alchemy

Skyrim Alchemy by DevelMob is another free Skyrim app available for download on Google Play, although I recommend springing 99 cents and purchasing the pro version to avoid ads and search limitations. If you’re a budding alchemist or assassin, you’ll find this app indispensable. No more tasting ingredients to learn their effects (anyone care to eat a Giant’s toe?), and no more mixing ingredients at random to chance upon killer recipes. With Skyrim Alchemy, players can calculate all available recipes that can be created with a set of ingredients (over 33,000 optimal combinations!).

There are other alchemy apps, but I found Skyrim Alchemy to be one of the best Skyrim apps for Android. The app is comprehensive and easy to use. Players not only have the ability to create and discover new recipes, but can use the app to share recipes with friends over social networks and the web via a unique ID. Skyrim Alchemy also allows players to manage their character’s status, keeping track of perks and equipment that influence the crafting of potions and poisons.

It should be noted that Skyrim Alchemy also includes the new ingredients from the Dragonborn DLC expansion — a definite plus for Skyrim Legendary players.

Skyrim Field Guide

best skyrim apps for android guideSkyrim Field Guide by Code for Travel is another Android app that assists players in understanding the world of Skyrim. The Skyrim Field Guide provides a comprehensive, easy-to-read overview of  Skyrim’s plants, minerals, ingredients, weapons and armor. While you can learn the various effects of plants and ingredients, it’s not an alchemy app per se like Skyrim Alchemy. Rather, the Skyrim Field Guide is an extremely useful resource that can quickly be referred  to “on the fly” in the midst of an adventure.

The app really shines when it comes to crafting weapons and armor. You can quickly determine the components needed beforehand necessary to craft the item you want. No more spending time at a blacksmith forge only to learn that you’re missing leather strips or ingots to make the armor of your dreams.

On the downside, the Skyrim Field Guide is missing the weapons and armor from the Skyrim DLC expansions. Despite this shortcoming, it’s still a great resource, and I find it to be one of the best Skyrim apps for Android.

Collector’s Logbook: Skyrim

best skyrim apps for android collectorsCollector’s Logbook: Skyrim by ollie noonan allows players to keep track of all things collectible in Skyrim. This is a useful app for gamers interested in cataloging their finds. Like all the best Skyrim apps for Android, Collector’s Logbook not only looks great, but is intuitive to use. Items are categorized into groups: Ammunition, Armor, Artifacts, Books, Diseases, Enchantments, Ingredients, Keys, Notes, Ores & Ingots, Pelts/Hides/Skins, Potions, Specialty Gear, and Unique Items & Weapons. Most of the information can be filtered and sorted for ease of use.

Collector’s Logbook is the only logging app available for Skyrim, and is completely free. The information is sourced from, and as a completist gamer I find using the app to be addictive. With that said, the app does not include any of the unique items to be found in the Skyrim DLC expansions. Although the inclusion of Vampire Armor, etc. would make Collector’s Logbook even better, I still find the app to be useful as I explore Skyrim.

Elder Scrolls Game Guide

best skyrim apps for android wikiaElder Scrolls Game Guide by Wikia, Inc. is an indispensable guide for all things Elder Scrolls and Skyrim. This is a fan maintained Wikia app, and has proven to be helpful on many occasions when I’ve attempted to complete quests. Players can browse different categories and articles on a variety of Skyrim topics. The app has a clean, easy-to-use interface and is a great resource for learning more about the game we all love. Load times can be a tad frustrating at times, and this can lead to a wonky experience. Overall though, the Elder Scrolls Game Guide is useful to have on hand, and is certainly one of the best Skyrim apps for Android.

Best Skyrim Apps For Android

So how about it? Have you downloaded any of these apps, and have they helped improve your gameplay in Skyrim? Are these truly the best Skyrim apps for Android, or are there others? Please share your thoughts in the Speak Your Mind section below, and don’t forget to download free Skyrim wallpaper for your Android devices in our Skyrim Fansite wallpaper section. Until next time!



  1. Jarrid Moore says

    I have unstalled 3 of these apps #1 Skyrim Map
    #2 Skyrim Alchemy and #3 Elder Scrolls Game Guide. All are truly essential apps and i would recomend them to anyone anyday.

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