Colovian Crossing Gives A Taste Of ESO

Colovian Crossing

Colovian Crossing allows convention attendees to experience The Elder Scrolls Online PvP system firsthand. The Elder Scrolls Online has been busy working the convention circuit this year. It was only two months ago that the ESO team dropped a bombshell at QuakeCon, revealing upcoming enhancements to the game in a special presentation broadcast over Twitch.  In a like fashion, […]

The Elder Scrolls Online Nominated For Best Online Game

best online game

The Elder Scrolls Online has been nominated for Best Online Game in the 32nd annual Golden Joystick Awards. The 32nd annual Golden Joystick Awards nominations have been announced, and The Elder Scrolls Online is one of nine titles nominated for best online game. The Golden Joystick Awards is one of gaming industry’s longest-standing award shows, and […]

Can’t Get ESO Red Diamond Song Out Of My Head

red diamond elder scrolls online song

Red Diamond is one of the most catchy songs in all of Tamriel. Instead of cutting the grass or doing a myriad other chores around the house this Labor Day weekend, I slacked off and spent my free time binge gaming in The Elder Scrolls Online. I should feel guilty, but Shor’s bones I had a lot of […]

Volunteers Needed For Elder Scrolls Online PTS

elder scrolls online pts

ESO wants you! Test Update 4 on The Elder Scrolls Online PTS before the new content is officially released. Late last week, the ESO development team posted a call for volunteers to test Update 4 on The Elder Scrolls Online PTS. The PTS is the “Public Test Server,” and is available for everyone with an active […]

Ice Wraith Vanity Pet For Loyal ESO Subscribers

ice wraith vanity pet

The Ice Wraith vanity pet is the first reward in The Elder Scrolls Online subscriber loyalty program. Yesterday, I wrote about the upcoming enhancements to The Elder Scrolls Online (in case you missed the article, you can read it here). One of the game improvements is a loyalty program that will reward ESO subscribers with special […]

More Elder Scrolls Online Enhancements In The Works

elder scrolls online enhancements

Get ready for more enhancements to The Elder Scrolls Online. A few hours ago, Game Director Matt Firor discussed  upcoming game enhancements to The Elder Scrolls Online. You can read everything Matt has to say in detail here. For those more interested in a Cliff Notes overview, I’ll do a quick breakdown. RELATED: ESO State Of The Game Address […]

Molag Bal Metal Print Is Latest Elder Scrolls Online Collectible

molag bal metal print featured

The Molag Bal metal print is the latest Elder Scrolls Online collectible and is limited to 100 pieces. Elder Scrolls Online collectors take heed! If you’ve ever wanted to hang a picture of the evil Daedric Prince on your wall, now’s your chance. A new Molog Bal metal print is available for sale at the Bethesda […]

Elder Scrolls Online Plush Guar: First Impressions


The Elder Scrolls Online plush Guar is one fine looking collectible. Wow, that was fast! I bought an Elder Scrolls Online plush Guar from the Bethesda Store last week, and I’m happy to say that my postal carrier delivered the little guy straight to my doorstep this afternoon. As soon as I opened the box and […]

Now Available For Pre-Order: Elder Scrolls Online Imperial City Lithograph

Elder Scrolls Online Imperial City Featured

A new Elder Scrolls Online Imperial City lithograph is available for pre-order. Looking to decorate your walls Elder Scrolls style? A new Elder Scrolls Online Imperial City lithograph is available for pre-order at the Bethesda Store. This officially licensed print depicts the battle of the three Alliances as they wage war in the heart of Tamriel, […]

New Elder Scrolls Online Weapons And Armor Look Amazing


Check out the new Elder Scrolls Online weapons and armor sets revealed at QuakeCon 2014! During yesterday’s ESO QuakeCon presentation, Jared Carr (Art Director) gave fans a peek at the new Elder Scrolls Online weapons and armor sets. Which set is your favorite? RELATED: Elder Scrolls Online Heavy Armor Revealed New Elder Scrolls Online Weapons and […]