ESO: What You Need To Know About The New Veteran Rank 16


Veteran Rank 16 is coming to The Elder Scrolls Online. Some exciting news was revealed in yesterday’s ESO Live – Episode 21. Eric Wrobel, Lead Combat Designer, explained some of the major changes coming to The Elder Scrolls Online in Update 7, including an increase in Veteran Ranks to VR16. MUST READ: ESO Farming? Don’t Be A […]

The Elder Scrolls Online Loses Creative Director Paul Sage


Paul Sage, creative director for The Elder Scrolls Online, has quit his job to join Gearbox. In a somewhat surprising move, Paul Sage, the creative director for The Elder Scrolls Online, left his job this week to join Gearbox. Paul was one of the few public faces of the MMORPG, and his move comes just weeks […]

Hot Stuff Coming To The ESO Crown Store In July


Sneak peek at the new inventory coming to the ESO Crown Store next month. Today, ZeniMax Online Studios (ZOS) revealed new items coming to the Crown Store in July. There’s a new pet, new costumes, and a cool new mount just in time for summer. MUST READ: ESO Is Now Selling Experience Boosters In The Cash […]

ESO Farming? Don’t Be A Butthead


Two rude and inconsiderate things to avoid at all costs when ESO farming. One of the best things about The Elder Scrolls Online is the ability to interact with other gamers and share an adventure with people from around the globe. As a whole, the ESO Community is amazing and like most of you, I’ve met some incredible […]

ESO Is Now Selling Experience Boosters In The Cash Shop

ESO Experience Boosters

ESO players can now purchase Experience boosters in the Crown Store. Beginning today, The Elder Scrolls Online started selling Experience boosters in The Crown Store. This latest development comes only four days after the devs released an incremental patch allowing players to craft their very own Experience booster in-game. MUST READ: ESO Economy Is Insane Since […]

ESO Lioness Mount Now Available In The Crown Store


Players can now purchase the ESO Lioness mount in the game’s cash shop. Starting today, Elder Scrolls Online players looking to ride a big cat can purchase the ESO Lioness mount in the Crown Store. The Lioness was first revealed during a datamining session back in March 2015. RELATED: New ESO Frostmare Mount Is Chill ESO Lioness Mount The Lioness […]

ESO Economy Is Insane Since The Psijic Ambrosia Launch


The ESO economy has been turned on its head since the Psijic Ambrosia incremental patch. It’s been a couple of crazy days in The Elder Scrolls Online. On Monday, the MMORPG released an incremental patch allowing players to make Psijic Ambrosia — the game’s first craftable Experience point booster (to learn how to make this powerful […]

How To Craft Psijic Ambrosia In The Elder Scrolls Online


Follow these 4 steps to craft the new Experience point booster, Psijic Ambrosia, in The Elder Scrolls Online. In probably the biggest change since the release of Update 1.6, ZeniMax Online Studios (ZOS) today launched an incremental patch that allows provisioners to create Psijic Ambrosia — a powerful drink that acts as an Experience point booster in The […]

Elder Scrolls Online New Content Showcased In E3 Trailer


Tonight’s E3 trailer showcased The Elder Scrolls Online new content. It’s been a busy evening tonight at the Bethesda E3 2015 Showcase. Along with The Elder Scrolls Legends and Fallout Shelter reveals (who could have guessed Bethesda was going mobile?), the company exhibited a brand new Elder Scrolls Online trailer. MUST READ: Real Pip-Boy Included In Fallout […]

How To Find All The Skyshards In The Elder Scrolls Online


Learn how to find all the Skyshards in The Elder Scrolls Online and gain valuable Skill points. Committed  Elder Scrolls Online players looking to spec out as many skills, morphs, and passives for their characters are going to need Skill Points — and lots of them. Skill Points are used to advance a character’s abilities, and are […]