Rhymin’ And Stealin': ESO Justice System Coming This January

eso justice system

The first phase of the ESO Justice System is releasing next month in Update 6 The highly anticipated Justice System is coming to The Elder Scrolls Online next month — this according to Game Director, Matt Firor. In today’s blog post aptly titled The Road Ahead, Firor explained that the Justice System will be implemented using a […]

ESO Rewards 6-Month Subscribers With Dwemer Sphere

Dwemer Sphere Pet

The second ESO subscriber loyalty program award has been released. Today, The Elder Scrolls Online development team released its second subscriber loyalty program award: a Dwemer Sphere vanity pet. This special reward was issued  to all active 6-month subscribers, and players were notified this afternoon by email: Greetings, We’re back again to express our thanks for […]

Elder Scrolls Online Pets: Guide With Images


Elder Scrolls Online Pets As of October 2014, there are a total of ten Elder Scrolls Online pets: Pet Imgakin Proper Name: Pet Imgakin More Commonly Known As: Monkey History: The Pet Imgakin was given as a bonus to Elder Scrolls Online beta testers. RELATED: Beta Test ESO And Get A Free Monkey Pet Scuttler […]

Symbiote Studios Releases New ESO Figure With Vanity Pet

eso figure

Symbiote Studios has released a new ESO figure. The good folks at Symbiote Studios are at it again with their latest Elder Scrolls figure. Turning their attention from Skyrim to The Elder Scrolls Online, the company has released the Fighters Guild Journeyman in Akaviri Armor. Known for their outstanding gaming collectibles, Symbiote Studios latest figure will […]

ESO Subscriber Loyalty Program Begins Today

ESO subscriber loyalty program

  Today marks the beginning of the ESO subscriber loyalty program. This afternoon, The Elder Scrolls Online declared that the ESO subscriber loyalty program officially begins. Emails were sent to all active subscribers. The loyalty program, first revealed last month, basically rewards members with special in-game items. The first reward is an Ice Wraith vanity pet known as the […]

The Chapel of Light: Proof Positive That ESO Is A Gorgeous Looking Game

The Chapel of Light

But above all others they did venerate the Lady of Light, building for Merid-Nunda a chapel of colored rays and beams, which was for glory like a piece of Aetherius brought down to the mortal world. – The Chapel of Light as described in The Whithering of Delodiil One of the things that’s always impressed me about […]

How To Sell Items In ESO Without Being A Total Fetcher

sell items in eso

Looking for extra gold in The Elder Scrolls Online? Don’t be a fetcher! Follow these tips when you sell items in ESO. Money makes the world go round, and this is especially true in The Elder Scrolls Online. From better equipment to rare motiffs, just about everything desirable in-game requires money. Earning gold then becomes […]

Colovian Crossing Gives A Taste Of ESO

Colovian Crossing

Colovian Crossing allows convention attendees to experience The Elder Scrolls Online PvP system firsthand. The Elder Scrolls Online has been busy working the convention circuit this year. It was only two months ago that the ESO team dropped a bombshell at QuakeCon, revealing upcoming enhancements to the game in a special presentation broadcast over Twitch.  In a like fashion, […]

The Elder Scrolls Online Nominated For Best Online Game

best online game

The Elder Scrolls Online has been nominated for Best Online Game in the 32nd annual Golden Joystick Awards. The 32nd annual Golden Joystick Awards nominations have been announced, and The Elder Scrolls Online is one of nine titles nominated for best online game. The Golden Joystick Awards is one of gaming industry’s longest-standing award shows, and […]

Can’t Get ESO Red Diamond Song Out Of My Head

red diamond elder scrolls online song

Red Diamond is one of the most catchy songs in all of Tamriel. Instead of cutting the grass or doing a myriad other chores around the house this Labor Day weekend, I slacked off and spent my free time binge gaming in The Elder Scrolls Online. I should feel guilty, but Shor’s bones I had a lot of […]