New Elder Scrolls Online Weapons And Armor Look Amazing


Check out the new Elder Scrolls Online weapons and armor sets revealed at QuakeCon 2014! During yesterday’s ESO QuakeCon presentation, Jared Carr (Art Director) gave fans a peek at the new Elder Scrolls Online weapons and armor sets. Which set is your favorite? RELATED: Elder Scrolls Online Heavy Armor Revealed New Elder Scrolls Online Weapons and […]

New Elder Scrolls Online Content Is Coming: Overview

elder scrolls online content

New Elder Scrolls Online content is coming, according to ESO’s lead content designer. During tonight’s Elder Scrolls Online presentation at QuakeCon 2014, Rich Lambert (Lead Content Designer) gave a sneek peak at some of ESO’s new content. RELATED: Elder Scrolls Online Imperial City: What We Know So Far New Elder Scrolls Online Content Overview 1) […]

Elder Scrolls Online Imperial City: What We Know So Far

Imperial City

New information regarding The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial City PvP zone was revealed at QuakeCon 2014. Earlier this evening at QuakeCon 2014, Brian Wheeler (Lead PvP Designer for The Elder Scrolls Online) gave an overview of the game’s upcoming Imperial City PvP zone. The zone will feature: Unique bosses and mini bosses Impressive loot and rewards […]

ESO Quake Presentation To Be Live Streamed July 18, 2014

ESO Quake Presentation

The Elder Scrolls Online will be at QuakeCon 2014. Watch the special ESO Quake presentation live tomorrow evening on Twitch. The Elder Scrolls Online development team will be giving a special presentation and Q&A session at this year’s QuakeCon in Dallas, Texas. The ESO panel will be held on the main stage Friday, July 18 at […]

New Elder Scrolls Online Vanity Pet With Purchase of Plush Guar

Elder Scrolls Online Vanity Pet

Want something unusual for your Elder Scrolls Online collection? How about a plush Guar from Gaming Heads with an unlockable Elder Scrolls Online vanity pet? Today, Bethesda announced the release of a new plush Guar available for sale. If you’ve spent any time in Morrowind, you’ve undoubtedly run across these plucky reptilian pack animals saddled […]

Elder Scrolls Online Video Showcases New Features Coming This August

Elder Scrolls Online video

New Elder Scrolls Online features coming next month. Yesterday, The Elder Scrolls Online devs released a new video showcasing the game’s new features coming in early August. The features will be introduced as part of the Update 3 patch and include: Armor dyes Guild tabards Public guild store locations New difficulty mode for Trials Larger […]

Stars Wars Easter Egg In The Elder Scrolls Online : May The Farce Be With You

star wars easter egg elder scrolls online

If you’re a Star Wars fan, make certain you don’t miss the Star Wars Easter Egg nod to the Death Star escape in this Elder Scrolls Online quest. I don’t know about you, but I had a blast this 4th of July weekend. Not only did I eat enough hot dogs, potato chips, and watermelon to feed a hungry pack of Skeevers, I got to […]

Free Elder Scrolls Online Guide July 4th

free elder scrolls online guide featured

Mark your calendars! KillerGuides is giving away a free Elder Scrolls Online guide for one day only on the 4th of July. Just a heads up for Elder Scrolls Online fans. KillerGuides is giving away their Elder Scrolls Online Leveling Guide for free on July 4th. For the entire day fans can visit KillerGuides here and […]

Pre-Order The Elder Scrolls Online Statue: Breton

The Elder Scrolls Online Statue Breton

You can now pre-order The Elder Scrolls Online statue: Breton at the Bethesda Store and Gaming Heads. Gaming Heads is at it again with a new collectible statute. Teaming up with the Bethesda Store, the fan-friendly company is releasing an amazing Breton statue as part of a new product line called Heroes of Tamriel. You may remember […]