elder scrolls online enhancements

More Elder Scrolls Online Enhancements In The Works

elder scrolls online enhancements

Get ready for more enhancements to The Elder Scrolls Online.

A few hours ago, Game Director Matt Firor discussed  upcoming game enhancements to The Elder Scrolls Online. You can read everything Matt has to say in detail here. For those more interested in a Cliff Notes overview, I’ll do a quick breakdown.

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Elder Scrolls Online Enhancements

Here’s what the ESO game developers are cooking up for future Updates:

  1. Combat System Tweaks. More improvements will be made to the combat system to make it even more responsive.
  2. Loyalty Program. A new feature is being implemented to reward ESO subscribers with special in-game items. First reward on the list: a unique Ice Wraith vanity pet. More swag is to follow.
  3. Craglorn Expansion. The final region of Craglorn is being released with new delves and quests.
  4. The Serpent Trial. The final Trial in the constellation storyline is being released. The Trial is a 12-player group event.
  5. Dragonstar Arena. A special 4-player group PvE event is being released, complete with ten different stages, a leaderboard and rewards. Arena is a new type of group content for the game.
  6. Champion System. A new development system is being implemented to encourage character growth beyond current thresholds. The final result of the changes is not entirely known, but the concept of soft caps may eliminated. The new system will allow more opportunities for growth while keeping players challenged.

elder scrolls online enhancements champion system

In addition to the aforementioned Elder Scrolls Online enhancements, Matt shed some light on when we should expect to see the improvements first talked about at last month’s QuakeCon.

Enhancement General Release Time
New facial animations Soon
Improved grouping Soon
Player separation fixes Soon
Imperial City In a while
Champion System In a while
Justice System Later
Spellcrafting Later

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Update 4 Trailer

Matt’s announcement  also included a link to the Update 4 Preview Video hosted on YouTube. The video runs slightly over 2 minutes and gives a visual presentation of the Craglorn expansion, Serpent Trial, and Dragonstar Arena. You can watch the video below for an idea of what’s to come.


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