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Is A Skyrim Movie In The Works?

Skyrim Movie PosterPersonally, I think it’s only a matter of time before Hollywood makes a full feature movie based on the Skyrim video game. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Bethesda was already having preliminary discussions with Twentieth Century Fox or Universal to do this very thing. Think about it — a movie version of Skyrim makes perfect sense, and I don’t think you could ask for a better time to launch such a project. Not only has Skyrim recently been awarded top game of the year honors, but fantasy movies in general are hotter than a dual cast Flame spell with the second installment of The Hobbit scheduled to be released later this year. True, movies based on video games have traditionally flopped (Super Mario Bros. and Mortal Kombat anyone?), but there have been some limited Hollywood successes (Resident Evil and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider come to mind). A highly anticipated Mass Effect movie is already in the works, so Hollywood hasn’t completely turned its back on the genre.

The timing couldn’t be better, and a Skyrim movie is just begging to be made. In order to turn the Skyrim video game into a successful movie however, Hollywood needs to be cautious when telling the story of the Dragonborn. I’m sure Hollywood could churn out a sword and sorcery flick called “Skyrim” with very little thought given to the game itself and still make a profit, but how much better would a movie be if it faithfully drew on the storied history of the Elder Scrolls franchise? Basically, if Bethesda is going to allow a movie version of Skyrim to be made, the game’s massive fan base wants to see the film made in the right way. In part this means staying true to the game’s striking visuals, costumes, weapons, characters, and setting — not to mention the storyline itself. If I’m fortunate enough to be able to go to the theater in a few years to watch a movie based on my favorite video game, I want to be able to recognize it. I feel Bethesda did a wonderful job with the game’s live action commercial (the best commercial ever made for a video game in my opinion), so I know that it’s possible for a movie to stay true to the game’s roots as well.

Some things I definitely don’t want to see in a Skyrim movie:

  • Johnny Depp. Don’t get me wrong — I’m not a Johhny Depp hater, but the movie industry is over-saturated with this guy. I still can’t believe they pegged him to play Tonto in the upcoming Lone Ranger movie. To me, signing Johnny Depp is a sign of desperation and tells me that Hollywood doesn’t think that a movie can stand on it’s own merit.
  • The neglect of character development. By it’s very nature, a Skyrim movie would be loaded with special effects (flying dragons, exploding fireballs, enchanted weapons, etc.). Special effects are important — especially in a fantasy movie, but a strong, character driven story would be even more crucial to the film’s overall success.
  • Gratuitous violence. All right, I completely understand that the Skyrim video game is rated “Mature,” but the violence isn’t overwhelming by any means. Sure, the Dragonborn runs his sword through enemies in the game’s cinematic closeups, but the violence is tame compared to the vast majority of  “Mature” games on the market (seriously, with a bit of tweaking Skyrim could easily have been rated “Teen”). I think it would be a mistake if a movie “cheapened out” by having an overwhelming amount of blood and gore. Violence for the sake of story telling can be a good thing, but violence for the sake of violence isn’t. I believe a Skyrim movie would have wider audience appeal if it were rated PG-13 as opposed to R.

So what do you think? Is a Skyrim movie in the works? Stay tuned fellow travelers! I believe all signs point to yes.



  1. Ad says

    I would totally love it if they made a Skyrim movie. And no flop please! i mean they have the means to make great films, so just do it. It will sell. Like you said, it’s a hot genre, even now a year after this post.

    Skyrim must have strong actors, a good story and sweet special effects. Flaming swords, or better yet, a frosty warhammer with a chance of freezing the enemy!

    A sly roguish/mage [dark-elf nightblade?] “follower”, who helps the main character escape Helgen and uses soul-trap to enchant gear, wielding two magical swords.

    The main character [female?] is trained in big two-handeded weapons and restoration magic.
    I’m getting a bit tired of seeing male leads in movies but then you need a woman who can do a convincing dragonborn, looks tough as nails and can handle weapons. Kristanna Loken would be able to pull it of. She also looks the part, if they go for a Nord lead character.

    Or maybe even two “followers”? And maybe one of them can summon magical creatures?

    They could find a stray dog like in the game. The dog is harassing mammoths and giants so he can steal some mammoth cheese or mammoth snout. But the dog might have to be virtual then…

    Too many ideas.

    • Ad says

      Female lead: Kristanna Loken [Ring of the Nibelungs / Curse of the Ring]

      Male lead: Chris Hemsworth [Thor]

    • Profile photo of Shane Scarbrough says

      Great ideas! I’m still hopeful that a Skyrim movie will be made. The Elder Scrolls series has a lot of rich lore to draw upon. If they could truly make this movie the right way (good writing, actors, story, etc.), I know it would be special.

  2. chris martinkus says

    OK Im a retired videogamer, i still play oblivion and skirim. i hope officials see this, ILL BE RIGHT PISSED OFF IF THIS MOVIE IS NOT MADE. its a great story. Iv thoght of makeing videos covering diff variables of this game real life, i cant afford it. FYI if any officals see this post and need acters for this… come find me 😉

  3. Shmazzow says

    They could make 3 movies for each of the dlc and each movie could have a different character race like standard dragonborn for the main game a redguard for dawnguard and ????? for dragonborn (the dlc)

  4. David says

    Make the game Skyrim movie would be the best idea of all I am from Czech Republic and I am a big fan of games and ksyrim be a movie in the theater I definitely miss nenachal and I believe that a lot of people would go to a movie.

  5. Dylan Lathey says

    I think it will be very very very very very fantastic if they make a Skyrim movie that will be very cool I think it will make a lot of money for it to be in a theater. I’m really really really really really really really really really really a Skyrim fan I like this video game very very very very very very very very very much.

      • Ali says

        Would be definitely a SUCCESS!! like every fan would watch/buy it, and the story is already available all it needs is transformation into a movie, hopefully if it is destined to become a movie, it has to be a very very professional production.
        We all still believe and want to watch the Skyrim movie, a good title I recommend would be: SKYRIM: Tale of the Dragonborn / or / SKYRIM: Tale of DO VAH KIIN!!!!

  6. Nick says

    What if they made 3 movies for the different “classes”: Mage, warrior, and, thief? Using the College of Winterhold, Companions, and either the Thieve’s Guild or Dark Brotherhood<(maybe)? Like the entire quest lines and then one just for the Dragonborn and main quest line? Then maybe short clips for the Daedric(?) quests? Tell me if this is good or not.

  7. Thayer the Nord says

    I have read in other forums that skyrim won’t be made into a movie cause all the work. They made a Assassins Creed movie, they made silent hill and resident evil as well as others. Skyrim or Elder scrolls would be as big of a hit if not bigger then LOTR and the Hobbit. They can start with skyrim no DLC’s. then expand however they want doing the dlc’s and the other games ( Daggerfall, Arena, etc) making billions of dollars cause we all know that’s what it would come down to. All I ask is Skyrim and the DLC Dragonborn have the same character played by the same actor and he be a Nord. I state that cause the scripture in the game states ” he wielded a power of the ancient NORD art”. The rest of them could be different people just follow the story line to that chapter,(DLC or main story line) I will pay top dollar to be one of the first to see every one of those movies even pay extra to get a ticket in advanced. My question to the producers is this, if we can do loads of STAR WARS, Resident Evil, LOTR movies why can’t you do the same with skyrim and the elder scrolls? I expect a better answer then ” it costs too much and lots of work” ( in a sarcastic whinny voice mimicking a producer) Sincerely,
    A aggravated fan until I see some results
    Thayer the Nord

  8. Ikh1 says

    They should just make a movie about the main storyline of elderscrolls 5 and the civil war between the empire or the stormcloaks

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