Nathan Fillion Misbehaves: Breaks Firefly MMO Site

Do you want to run this ship? The Firefly MMO site is currently broken.

One of the shiniest news releases from Comic-Con 2014, was yesterday’s Firefly MMO reveal. Not only will Firefly live on in some fashion (giving Browncoats like me a reason to celebrate), but it was announced that the entire cast of the cult sci-fi show would reunite, providing the game’s voice talent. Jayne, Kaylee, Inara, and all the rest — even Wash. Even though he took a massive spike to the chest in Serenity (much worse than an arrow to the knee, I might add).

Firefly MMO Trailer

Accompanying the reveal, was a  one minute video highlighting different aspects of the game. In the trailer, viewers are asked what kind of captain they would be, and none other than Nathan Fillion himself makes a cameo at the tail end saying he’d be the type of captain who’d “aim to misbehave.”  Brilliant!

Despite the fact that the Firefly MMO graphics don’t look very good, I immediately went to to signup for an account. Yes, I had visions of exploring the ‘Verse with me and mine, working hard at scratching a living deep in the Black.

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firefly mmo meme

It’s Broken, Captain

Obviously, I wasn’t the only one who wanted an account though, because the Firefly MMO site is broken. Yep. Yesterday’s big reveal and a plug by Nathan Fillion were apparently too much for the site to handle. I’m really jonesing for Firefly MMO right now, but the site is still down this morning.

I’m really hoping this break speaks to the game’s popularity, and not to something far worse (bad game development, lack of servers, etc.), because Firefly fans have had a rough time of it historically, what with the show’s cancellation and all. We deserve something better!

In some strange way though, it seems only fitting that the site is broken. Mal Reynold’s ship was always a bucket of bolts, with one thing or another needing fixing or nursing. Broken Firefly MMO website? Seems legit. So keep on misbehaving Nathan Fillion, me and all the other Browncoats ain’t running, and we’ll be right alongside you. Hopefully sooner rather than later…


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  1. “mobile devices only”

    lol no

    • Thanks for the info. Firefly MMO is to be released for Android, iOS, PC and Mac. As far as I know, minimum system requirements haven’t been released, but I can’t imagine any modern PC/mobile device not being able to run the game.

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